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Employment Services

CPD has a track record of research into the effectiveness of employment services. Our long-term interest in these matters is reflected in the reports Grand Alibis (December 2015) and Settling Better (February 2017), which was released with the support of the Boston Consulting Group, and a broader discussion paper on Australia’s democracy (December 2017). These issues also informed the creation of our multi-year Cities and Settlement Initiative, which focusses on helping refugees to find jobs faster.

Our 2018 submission to the Future of Employment Services Consultation build on our correspondence with Sandra McPhee AM, Chair of the Employment Services Expert Advisory Panel, and discussions with the Active Labour Market Assistance Branch in the Department of Jobs and Small Business. It also draws on discussions and analysis produced through our Cities and Settlement Initiative.

Latest Articles

White paper on employment: Submission to Treasury

Lachlan Williams - April 2023

CPD's employment white paper submission identifies three major opportunities to advance full employment in Australia

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New CPD Blueprint for Regional and Community Job Deals

communications - September 2020

The Centre for Policy Development is making available a range of policy proposals and materials relating to the delivery of employment services in Australia.  These materials are representative of CPD’s...

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Annabel Brown and Caitlin McCaffrie: A chance to do better for migrants, and for the economy

communications - May 2020

Published in Inside Story on 25 May 2020 Covid-19 has exposed the flaws in Australia’s treatment of temporary migrants. Fortunately, a blueprint for change already exists. The tragic death of an...

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Travers McLeod’s response to Rebecca Huntley’s Quarterly Essay, Australia Fair: Listening to the Nation

Luisa Boll - July 2019

In reply to Rebecca Huntley’s Quarterly Essay, Australia Fair: Listening to the Nation TRAVERS MCLEOD At the heart of Rebecca Huntley’s Australia Fair is the idea that we are a nation of democrats....

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Council on Economic Participation for Refugees

Lisa Button - December 2018

On 22 February 2018, CPD convened the first meeting of the Council on Economic Participation for Refugees (the Council), hosted by the Boston Consulting Group in Melbourne. The Council is...

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Cities and Settlement Initiative

Travers McLeod - December 2018

Photo: The second meeting of the Council on Economic Participation for Refugees, in Fairfield NSW. In 2018 CPD launched our Cities and Settlement Initiative – a three-year program that aims...

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There is plenty of evidence to suggest democracy is in trouble. In Australia, more people are losing trust in our public institutions and processes. Business and civil society are viewed mistrustfully as well.

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Australia faces growing inequity and disadvantage in our schools. Our education system is separating into a hierarchy of advantaged and over-funded schools at the top end, and disadvantaged, under-funded schools at the bottom.

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Ensuring that newly arrived refugees settle effectively into their new local communities across Australia offers a range of great benefits to our society and economy.

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Fundamental to an active and effective government that is fit for purpose in the 21st century is strengthening the capabilities of our public sector.