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Sustainable Finance

Recent progress on climate risk has underlined the opportunity for policymakers and industry to build strategic policy roadmap for sustainable finance in Australia. The special and urgent case for action on climate-related risks is part of a broader challenge: driving better corporate and financial sector support for long-term sustainability across the board. To help meet this challenge, our Climate Horizons research called for government to appoint a Sustainable Finance Taskforce to align Australia’s efforts with major sustainable finance reviews and reforms currently underway around the world. In 2019, CPD continues to work with private sector, public sector and civil society stakeholders as this agenda takes shape, including by ensuring that policymakers and regulators are fully engaged with new opportunities in this area.

Latest Articles

Investing for Australia – Clarifying Climate Risk Expectations for the Future Fund

Lachlan Williams - December 2022

Investing for Australia: Clarifying climate risk expectations for the Future Fund assess the sovereign wealth fund's climate risk response and recommends three steps to put the Future Fund on the...

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RBA Review submission: Equipping the RBA for a dynamic climate risk and transition response

Lachlan Williams - November 2022

The Reserve Bank is governed by a 63-year-old law that requires the RBA Board to contribute to economic prosperity and welfare. It makes sense to update this to account for...

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Zoe Whitton on Q+A

Georgia Wilkinson - May 2021

Broadcast on Thursday 20 May 2021 CPD Board Member Zoe Whitton appeared on Q+A to discuss the government’s latest plans to build a gas-fired power plant and the long-term economic...

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When CPD set out on this work in early 2016, we began with the premise that performance and leadership on sustainability-related risks in the Australian corporate sector were lagging –

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CPD’s recent work on climate change has focused on the implications of a changing climate for Australia’s national security. Our agenda-setting report The Longest Conflict (2015)

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In 2016 we released a discussion paper by CPD Research Associate Alexander Marks on the future of Australia’s electricity system.

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We are currently undertaking new research to map Commonwealth and Victorian grants and programs that promote sustainable agriculture and food systems and biodiversity enhancement on private land.

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