Invest in impact: 2022 impact report




Our Impact Report for 2022 comes at a point of immense opportunity for Australia and our region.

There is an unprecedented alignment across our institutions to tackle the policy challenges standing between us and wellbeing.

This will require rigorous, practical, evidence-based policy, guided by firm beliefs. In an economy that is clean and productive, a government that is active and effective, a society that expands opportunity and social justice, and a country that is respected for its leadership and cooperation.

Above all, this work must be practical and collaborative, using a method that builds consensus and delivers impact

Our research expertise and network of senior decision-makers is creating enduring systemic change.

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We are a leading independent policy institute with a mission to create a fair,
sustainable future for Australia. We confront the largest policy challenges facing
Australia and the region, and take people on the journey of solving them.

Examples of our impact include:

Invest In Impact report
  • Australia’s climate position has transformed thanks to the broad coalitions we have built.
  • Our work with vulnerable communities supports refugees to settle Australia and people experiencing disadvantage to find rewarding, secure work.
  • We have acted in refugee-led coalitions to increase Australia’s Afghan refugee intake, spur action on the crisis in Myanmar and build stronger bonds with our neighbours, especially Indonesia.
  • Our landmark Starting Better report and Early Childhood Development Council has helped put early childhood on top of the reform agenda, with the Prime Minister committing to universal early education on election night

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